Comcast prides itself on eliminating spam, but subscribers don't realize that their unmonitered filtering program may be rejecting legitimate emails. This can happen in two ways: 1) There is a real spammer sharing a server with thousands of unoffending users, or 2) A small percentage of comcast subscribers receiving a bulk email "mark as spam" either deliberately, or attempting to transfer the message to a spam box, or the trash. In either case, the innocent mailer gets a bounce notice from his own webhost or isp listing all addresses as undeliverable, without further explanation. This means that he will either delete your email address as bad, or contact comcast security and learn, in effect, that @comcast addresses are dangerous to mail to, and discriminate accordingly. This is why I suggest that comcast subscribers get yahoo, hotmail, or other account and do the opposite of what others do, in giving that address only to trusted mailers, reserving the @comcast for more public purposes. My policy as a mailer is to send @comcast addresses more frequent opt-in notices, and when making a sales offer for limited merchandise, to mail to the @comcasts secondarily, if the main mailing does not sell the item out.

If you are unable to mail to addresses, call Comcast security at 888-565-4329.

Scott Semans